The proper selection of materials, the precision in manufacturing and the quality in finishing grant our products greater durability, which earns your confidence in our catalogue. Self-centering bearings, roller bearings, agricultural bearings, needle bearings, ball bearings, joints, chains and other motion solutions.

Superior performance

We develop solutions to satisfy the highest demands of the market!


We care about productive times! That is why our bearings have a longer service life and require less maintenance.

Limitless production

From product conception to quality control, our mission is to create solutions that make working in the field an increasingly more productive experience.

Discover our

universe of products

B&P Motion Solutions offers a comprehensive consultation service to national and international factories and specialized responses with customized solutions and developments for all types of industries. 


Motion Solutions

Our premise is simple: “Every application deserves its own bearing”, that is the reason why our Engineering and Design Department plays a decisive and differential role in our proposal.

At B&P Motion Solutions, we develop engineering solutions for every need with our usual quality and guaranteed superior performance.

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