Row Unit

B&P and its row unit are here to revolutionize a constantly advancing market.

Working on the planting of the future

With a row unit designed from its initial phase in a cast steel, under high-standard processes that revolutionize the well-known concepts in this type of components. Thus becoming a robust, agile and dynamic enough piece of equipment to adapt to different types of soils. Directly aiming to be leaders in precision planting, with 100% maintenance-free equipment, while also offering efficient terrain following, versatility, and very simple regulation, thaks to its innovate adjustment systems.

Created by Uswa KDTfrom Noun Project


Quick User-Commanded Adjustment

No More Compensating Washers

Robust and Resistant Design

Made of high-strength steel

Patented products

The row unit* includes in a single design unit the multiple developments that B&P has carried out and validated in the filed over the years.  Now they are all together in a single unit, integrating a set of mechanical and technological improvements that offer multiple advantages for manufacturers and users.

The unit is fully articulated by bearings

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