We are a brand of BPB Motion Group. Specialize in product development and engineering services.

Our very best

applied to each industry

We are a business unit that specializes in engineering solutions to satisfy the needs of each market applying the highest quality standards.

Our Products


Motion Solutions

Our premise is simple: “Every application deserves its own bearing”, that is the reason why our Engineering and Design Department plays a decisive and differential role in our proposal.

At B&P Motion Solutions, we develop engineering solutions for every need with our usual quality and guaranteed superior performance.


at all times

Our products at your reach, whenever you need them. Find the dealer that is closest to your area.


at all times

B&P Motion Solutions offers a comprehensive consultation service to national and international factories and specialized responses with customized solutions and developments for all types of industries.


Av. Coronel Larrabure 2250, Villa María (Córdoba), Argentina. Contactenos +54 0353 4531694 – info@bypmotionsolutions.com

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